Every company working with timber has a simple duty to recognise and contribute to the conservation and protection of the world's forests. This is both a profound moral duty, protecting one of the Earth's global resources, and simple enlightened self-interest - no forests, no trees, no timber, no conservatories.


Yet using timber does not automatically lead to deforestation or environmental damage. Firstly, forests can be (and are being) well managed to achieve both trees growing for logging and trees re-planted for the future. Remember timber is one of the few renewable resources.


Wood - It's a Natural Choice


As Forests grow and regenerate they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In the production of sawn timber and timber products no harmful emissions are released into the environment and most of the residual products such as wood chips, bark, etc can be used for paper making and energy products. Even then, discarded wood does not cause environmental problems as it returns to nature by decay.


Wood is a healthy, warm and attractive material with excellent insulation properties - a natural choice for quality windows and doors.

Waste from our manufacturing process is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible. An example of which is when timber off-cuts are used as fuel to heat our factory.

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